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Police Clearance Certificate from Russia

In many immigration cases you may be requested by Canadian Government to present Police Clearance Certificate from another country where you have resided for some time. If you are going through an immigration process, you will definitely be asked for such certificate.

To get the Certificate from Russia you have to be physically present there. If you do not have this opportunity we are eager to help you to get it in the shortest possible time. Consular certificates take months, call us today toll free 1-866-334-0811.

Please note that all certificates received through us are GENUINE and thus have issuance timeframes

To get the Certificate please provide us with the required documents, choose options below and apply for

Russian Police Clearance:

  Police Clearance Certificate from RUSSIA

Required documents:
1. Copy of the main page of your current valid passport;
2. Copy of the main pages as well as registration pages of your domestic passport (for Russian Citizens only);
3. Exact place of birth;
4. Previous names (in case you have changed them);
5. Present citizenship;
6. Periods and places of stay while in Russia
( for the citizens of other countries and Russian citizens without registration in Russia);
Processing period: 6 weeks
Fees (US Dollars) USD565
Certified Translation USD50 - I need Certified translation of my certificate into English.
USD0.00 - I do not need translation
Courier Delivery (USD) Not required - I'll pick up the document myself
I provide my own pre-paid return courier waybill
Return courier within Canada or USA is required ($45.00)
Return courier to all other countries is required ($100.00)

Please note that urgent processing for Russian Police Clearance may be available. Please inquire by telephone.

Need more information? Call us at 1-866-334-0811 or +1-416-979-4626

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